BPA and MMA Free Dentures

Metal free denture

BPA and MMA free dentures offer the opportunity for people who are not able to or are uncomfortable with receiving traditional acrylic denture treatment. A so called “holistic” approach to dentures, metal free dentures do not contain the primary acrylic irritants bisphenol A (BPA) and methyl methacrylate (MMA). This allows for patients who show higher levels of irritation and allergic reactions to normal acrylic to receive these dentures as an alternative treatment. 

Metal free dentures also offer the opportunity for those who have features that may display metal when smiling, eating or speaking. Using metal free dentures as an alternative treatment can alleviate the metal appearance and can sometimes blend in with natural anatomy to appear as if the denture is not even there. This is predominantly useful in cases where several front teeth are missing and metal would distort the natural look of the denture.

Metal free dentures are predominantly used in partial denture cases. In these cases, several criteria is required to be met to ensure the success of the treatment. Such criteria includes significant undercuts for retention and stable anatomy (teeth and gums). This is due to metal free dentures being a once off treatment option, whereby the denture can not be repaired or relined unless it is designed as a hybrid. Metal free hybrid dentures use two alternative materials, one for the framework and one for the fitting surface areas. This allows for features such as relines and minor repairs to be done in the future, something that is not possible with just one metal free material.  

BPA and MMA free full dentures are an alternative treatment for use only with people who display allergic reactions to traditional acrylic. This is because these materials have higher levels of flex, making them less stable than traditional dentures. Higher levels of flex make achieving a stable full denture harder and can alter over time. It is therefore encouraged that a hybrid framework is inserted in to the BPA and MMA free full denture to create a more rigid characteristic. However, the downside to a full denture in this material is that relining the denture is not possible and therefore the denture has a shorter lifespan than a traditional acrylic denture.