Dental work outsourced overseas

Dental work outsourced overseas

Unfortunately due to increasing costs and the option of maximising profit, some dentists are now reverting to the use of outsourcing  “Laboratories” to reduce costs. These are just forwarding agents for huge Asian dental laboratories that charge next to nothing for the same work we do. These crowns and dentures are made by unregulated Laboratories with absolutely no control over the materials that are used in your denture. The TGA controls the materials that are used in Australia, but have allowed this loophole in the law that has resulted in thousands of patients now using and wearing dental products that could contain potentially hazardous materials.

With all this negativity and market pressure on dentists it is good to know that there are still many dentists out there who really care about you as their patients. They support local laboratories and ensure that the dentures and crowns they supply are made in Australia. They don’t compromise on quality. Many of them are my clients- so call me for a reference if you need a good dentist.

So what should you do as a patient? The onus is now on you to ask questions about your dentures and crowns. Where are they made? What materials have been used? Do you have material data sheets for the materials used by your Laboratory? Where were the teeth made? Do you guarantee that my health will not be compromised by this prosthesis? Was this made overseas or invoiced by an outsourcing Laboratory?(invoiced in Australia, but manufactured overseas).

It is as yet not illegal for dentists to ouitsource work, however I do feel that they should have a duty of care to inform you where your work is being made and give you a choice in what you are buying.

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