Dentist or Dental Prosthetist. The choice is yours!

Dentist or Dental Prosthetist. The choice is yours!

So many times I am asked the question- “Why should I use you (the dental prosthetist) and not a dentist?

Dental prosthetists and dentists are both registered by the Dental board of Australia. We have to adhere to the same standards and laws as stipulated by the board that basically protect the patients’ right to safe and effective treatment. Dental prosthetists are trained in accredited institutions to perform denture services to the public and must have the necessary technical expertise in manufacturing dentures.

Dental prosthetists must be seen as part of your dental health team. They are specialised in providing dentures to patients and looking after those dentures. Their duty of care is to refer patients to dentists when they require dental treatment. For example: extractions, fillings, crowns, suspicious growths and sores etc. They may not proceed with a denture if a tooth is compromised that may affect the outcome of the denture. In return many dentists refer their denture patients to dental prosthetists.

Dental prosthetists reduce the burden of dealing with denture patients allowing dentists more time to perform restorative work including crowns and fillings. Supplying dentures is considered time consuming and consequently low in profit compared to other treatments.

Dental Prosthetists are able to manufacture dentures utilising their training and skill as dental technicians. Supplying a complete product directly to the patient has the following benefits:

  • Costs are reduced as the laboratory work does not have to be outsourced to a third party.
  • Manufacturing times are greatly reduced due to the dental prosthetist working directly with the patient. This personal service results in better communication as changes to the denture can be made immediately.
  • It is easier to visualise the denture while it is in the patients mouth. Dental technicians have to work on stone models sent to them by the dentist and cannot see how the denture looks in the mouth.

As dental prosthetists we are proud to offer you a personalised and professional service. Working together with dentists we can assure you of a positive outcome for your treatment.

I hope this explanation helps you in making an informed decision.

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