Full Dentures

Full dentures designed to make you smile!

Dentures Sunshine Coast

Whether you want new dentures or are receiving dentures for the first time, JJ Denture Design is happy to provide you with an array of treatment options designed for you.

Traditional Dentures


Traditional dentures at JJ Denture Design are made using premium materials sourced from reliable suppliers in order to ensure you piece of mind. Combined with an obligation free first appointment to evaluate you and your needs in order to achieve a treatment that is right for you.

Highly Aesthetic Dentures

High Aesthetic dentures

Using the latest in avaliable technology, JJ Denture Design is able to provide you with highly aesthetic dentures. This is achieved by means of premium materials which enhance the natural appeal of the treatment to suit you. It goes without saying, the best kind of dentures are the ones you can not see!

Additional Extras

Dentures are designed for you! At JJ Denture Design we aspire to offer you a wide range of optional additions to your denture. These option may enhance the aesthetic appeal, comfort or even longevity of your denture through the use of various materials.

Such extras include additions such as:

  • Soft Liners – for a softer, more comfortable fit
  • Denture Characterisation – Individualised denture aesthetics to match you
  • Ceramic/Porcelain Teeth – for added strength and longevity
  • Flexible materials (Flexite and others)
  • Impact materials

For many more options feel free to contact us for more information