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Full Dentures

Do your current dentures hurt or fall out often? Do you have no natural teeth left?

If so, then it is more than likely that you will need new full dentures.

Full dentures are designed to replace your natural teeth and complete your smile and function, including the way you sound and eat. At JJ Denture Design we strive to deliver full dentures that look natural and feel natural. This is to ensure that you are comfortable sharing your smile with others. Full dentures are meant to help you with:

  • Chewing
  • Speaking
  • Smiling
  • Appearance
  • Jaw pain
  • Self confidence
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What are dentures made of?

Full dentures are commonly made of acrylic. This can feel slightly bulky and foreign at first but adapts over time. Acrylic does not change shape or size over time and if cared for properly should last years. However, it is recommended to receive periodic check-up appointments to ensure that your dentures are fitting and working correctly. This is because the shape and size of your mouth may change over time, whilst your dentures do not. Services such as relines and periodic cleaning of acrylic dentures will help ensure that your dentures last longer. Here at JJ Denture Design we only use the best available materials and delivery above expectations to ensure that you receive the best possible treatment. All of our dentures are heat treated for longer lasting, stronger results.

If you are not comfortable with traditional acrylic dentures we also offer more “holistic” dentures. These dentures are made of high quality BPA and MMA free materials and are offered to those who are uncomfortable with traditional acrylic dentures. These products may also be used to “hide” the appearance of dentures, giving you more confidence to smile.

What to expect

Full dentures require specific techniques in order to achieve the best result. Each set of full dentures are custom made and individual, ensuring that they are best suited for you. This requires several steps to receive the best result.

  1. If you are looking for treatment for full dentures you can expect the following stages to complete your treatment:
    Primary Impressions of both upper and lower
  2. Secondary / Final impressions of both upper and lower
  3. Wax bite registration to record your jaw relationship
  4. Wax try in with teeth to make sure you are happy with your dentures
  5. Insert of finished denture
  6. Review and follow up to ensure you are happy with your new denture
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Dentures are designed for you! At JJ Denture Design we offer you a wide range of optional additions for your denture. These options may enhance the aesthetic appeal, comfort or even longevity of your denture through the use of various materials.

Available extras include:

  • Soft Liners – for a softer, more comfortable fit
  • Denture Characterisation – individualised denture aesthetics to match you
  • Ceramic / Porcelain teeth – for added strength and longevity
  • Flexible materials
  • High Impact material

Looking For Something Else?


We offer a comprehensive personal service catered for you and to ensure you are happy with your new full dentures.


We offer a wide range of partial denture solutions which extend beyond traditional acrylic and metal. Allowing us to customize our service for you in order to complete your smile.


We here at JJ understand the importance of your dentures and offer a same day reline and repair service for peace of mind should an emergency occur.


With advanced knowledge and available applications we are able to cater for a large variety of implant retained designs. Giving you piece of mind in knowing you are receiving the best implant retained denture treatment available.


Whether you are chasing that perfect smile or are looking for a traditional denture alternative, metal free dentures offer the opportunity to meet your expectations.