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Metal Free Dentures

Do you have a big confident smile that may show metal?
Are you sensitive to metal?
Do traditional acrylic dentures cause irritation and discomfort?

If yes, then you may qualify for metal free dentures.

Metal free dentures are flexible, more appealing dentures which are able to adapt to your mouth by using tooth and gum shade acrylic. This reduces that “denture” look associated with traditional dentures and can help bring back the confidence in your smile. There are however several criteria which need to be met in order to use this type of denture effectively.

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Metal Free Denture

If you experience any sensitivity to metal or traditional acrylic dentures, then metal free dentures may be a better treatment option for you. With metal free dentures the main irritants found in traditional acrylic such as BPA and MMA are excluded. Making this an ideal alternate treatment option if you experience any sensitivities or irritation from traditional dentures.

With these alternative acrylics, we are able to customise your dentures further by applying specific methods. Such advantages of these dentures include improved “natural” appearance, “invisible” clasps that blend in with your teeth and gums and improved strength and flexibility. This can be a very effective  treatment option if you have features such as a high or large smile that may show acrylic or metal, very light or very dark gums and a sensitivity to traditional acrylic.

Specific Condtions

Metal free dentures require specific conditions in order to be used in your treatment. Some people may not be able to receive metal free dentures due to their situation. In which case a “hybrid” denture can be used in order to improve on traditional treatment. These “hybrid” dentures are able to help you achieve the result you want without sacrificing the working features of your denture.

Metal free dentures require specific conditions in order to be successful. There is a variety of different scenarios which prevent or encourage the use of metal free dentures. It is because of that we encourage you to make an appointment to evaluate whether this is an ideal treatment option for you.

Looking For Something Else?


We offer a comprehensive personal service catered for you and to ensure you are happy with your new full dentures.


We offer a wide range of partial denture solutions which extend beyond traditional acrylic and metal. Allowing us to customize our service for you in order to complete your smile.


We here at JJ understand the importance of your dentures and offer a same day reline and repair service for peace of mind should an emergency occur.


With advanced knowledge and available applications we are able to cater for a large variety of implant retained designs. Giving you piece of mind in knowing you are receiving the best implant retained denture treatment available.


Whether you are chasing that perfect smile or are looking for a traditional denture alternative, metal free dentures offer the opportunity to meet your expectations.

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