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Partial Dentures

Are you missing a few or more teeth?
Are you uncomfortable with gaps where your teeth are missing?

If your answer is yes to either or both of these questions then you should consider a partial denture to correct the issue.

Partial dentures are designed to complete your smile and function by mimicking your natural teeth. They can restore your confidence to chew and talk with the added bonus of a restored smile. Partial dentures can help you with:

  • Chewing
  • Talking
  • Smiling
  • Appearance
  • Jaw pain
  • Self confidence
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What are partial dentures made of?

Partial dentures are traditionally made of full acrylic. However, there are many variations which incorporate different materials and designs which have an effect on the longevity of the treatment. Each variation has its own pros and cons, with some variations being more suitable for specific conditions than others. Some examples of these variations include:

Acrylic partial denture – An acrylic partial denture is commonly used due to its reduced cost and flexibility to add and remove material and additional teeth. However, the increased thickness of an acrylic partial (minimum 2mm thick) can feel bulky and uncomfortable in the mouth which tends to lead to a longer “wear-in” period. Although these dentures are made with high quality acrylic and are heat treated for strength, they are more prone to breakage than a cobalt chrome denture.

Hybrid partial denture – A hybrid partial denture incorporates 2 or more partial denture components in combination to achieve a more natural appearance. Such combinations may include a cobalt chrome denture with flexible clasps. Or a flexible denture framework with traditional acrylic. For more on hybrids see our page on metal free dentures.

Flexible partial denture – A flexible partial denture is traditionally made of a nylon based acrylic which increases its ability to flex and retain strength. A flexible denture can be used in particular cases where appearance of clasps and acrylic is not desired, as it is a metal free option. This material can blend in to your mouth, making it a more confident treatment option if you have a big smile. The material used is also BPA and MMA free, and can be used for full dentures should you express a reaction to traditional acrylic dentures.

Cobalt chrome (CC) partial denture – A cobalt chrome partial denture is a traditional option which uses a metal framework that is designed to be as thin as possible to ensure optimum comfort in your mouth. It is used in combination with acrylic to help restore the previous function and appeal of your natural teeth. This treatment option is the most recommended due to its increased strength and reduced thickness, making it more comfortable for you. However, there are some situations where the metal clasps can be seen, this sometimes requires the need for an alternative option either separate or in combination with the metal framework (For more see hybrid partial denture). 

dentures dentures
partial dentures sunshine coast

What to expect

Partial dentures require several steps to achieve the best results for you. Some people may expect dentures sooner than others, depending on what needs to be done to make the denture.  Some steps you can expect to cover in your appointments may include:

  1. Primary Impressions of both upper and lower
  2. Secondary / Final impressions of upper or lower
  3. Wax bite registration to record your jaw relationship
  4. Wax try in with teeth to make sure you are happy with your dentures
  5. Insert of finished denture
  6. Review and follow up to ensure you are happy with your new dentures

Looking For Something Else?


We offer a comprehensive personal service catered for you and to ensure you are happy with your new full dentures.


We offer a wide range of partial denture solutions which extend beyond traditional acrylic and metal. Allowing us to customize our service for you in order to complete your smile.


We here at JJ understand the importance of your dentures and offer a same day reline and repair service for peace of mind should an emergency occur.


With advanced knowledge and available applications we are able to cater for a large variety of implant retained designs. Giving you piece of mind in knowing you are receiving the best implant retained denture treatment available.


Whether you are chasing that perfect smile or are looking for a traditional denture alternative, metal free dentures offer the opportunity to meet your expectations.

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