Why settle for less when our premium “youthful look” dentures can give you a natural and younger looking appearance?

Why settle for less when our premium “youthful look” dentures can give you a natural and younger looking appearance?

Our premium “youthfull look” dentures combine both the highest quality materials and technical expertise and methods to give you a denture that will be natural and comfortable.

We use the best quality denture teeth on the market. These teeth are uniquely designed to complement a natural smile and are manufactured in shapes that represent natural teeth at various stages of a persons life. When our adult teeth erupt they are a beautiful white in colour. Over time they gradually yellow with age and become stained by coffee, tea, wine and other food and drink we consume. Our teeth also change shape as they wear down and become flatter and smoother over time. Our premium denture teeth give us the option of choosing a whiter and younger shaped tooth to give you a younger appearance.

We use the best quality denture base material and characterize the base with tints to give a natural gum effect that will match your existing gum colour and appearance. Our denture base material is more stain resistant and less prone to wear and breakage. Cheaper denture base materials are not as durable and do not have the same appearance and strength of our premium denture base material.

We make the effort to find the correct relationship between your upper teeth and your mandible (jawbone). By using a facebow reading we can accurately assess how your mandible relates to your maxilla. Byfurther registering a bite in normal and protrusive positions we can accurately adapt your jaw simulation to represent the angles and movements of your mandible. This is essential to provide you with a denture that will function correctly especially if you have uneven movements in the tempero-mandibular joint.

We take a final impression using muscle trimming to accuarately simulate the muscle movements and movements of the frenula attachments that link your cheeks to your attached gingiva. This is extremely important as the border of the denture can be dislodged by the muscles of mastication and frenula with eating, talking, yawning and other jaw movements. This will greatly help us to provide you with a stable denture.

We do our utmost to build out the base of the denture to fill out your upper lip as much as possible so that wrinkles are reduced. Our lips get thinner as we get older and sink in giving a us a different profile and chance of wrinkling.

We check your freeway space and vertical dimension of the denture so that you can talk easily. We try to reduce over closing of the mouth that occurs naturally as our teeth wear. This will reduce the wrinkles at the corner of your mouth and reduce the appearance of down turned lips.

We build out the upper teeth against the cheeks to prevent cheek biting and to reduce the appearance of sunken or hollowed cheeks so common in people who have lost their posterior (back) teeth.

We use your facial appearance to choose denture teeth that will suit your unique facial features. This will include the shape, size and colour of the teeth. All these factors must be in harmony. The teeth are also set up to follow the natural curve of your lower lip and should never follow a straight line when you smile. The length of the teeth are measured so that the amount of gum you show when you smile is minimised.

All changes to your denture appearance are done in front of you! No more sending dentures back to the technician for adjustments! We are skilled artisans who are expert at all stages of the manufacture of your dentures.

At JJ Denture Design we never compromise on quality or time! We will never complete a denture until you are completely satisfied with the appearance of the try-in.

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